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The place to discuss issues with administrators and moderators. Suggestions welcome. All bans will be posted here and the banning appeals process will be held in this forum.

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Re: Suggestion Box

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Bring back Lucky Burgers, and nobody gets hurt.

You can't un-fry things.

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Re: Suggestion Box

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Must be going swimmingly
No suggestions for 8 months

Looks like the forum is running at peak potential

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Re: Suggestion Box

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matrix wrote: Sun 10 Mar 2019 10:57am Must be going swimmingly
No suggestions for 8 months

Looks like the forum is running at peak potential
I think it has more to do with the unexplained choking deaths of posters and the very suspicious half eaten bucket of popcorn

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Im sure many members have lot of idea for the site. You want to see some changes. You want some addition or changes. This thread will be like a suggestion box for the forum. Sometimes people have ideas but they dont know whom to tell. Sometimes they tell Ben about those, but involvement of other members is limited in that case. I believe this will help us and Ben a lot.

You all are free to post your ideas here. It may include some changes to the forum like addition of new features and others.

There is just one request. Dont post about your problems related to the community or the views and posts of other members and try to keep the thread clean. Like I said earlier that this thread is for helping all of us.

We will read the ideas and try to implement whichever are good and possible.

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